If you care about private messages don’t use Whatsapp or Signal, use this..

Online in 2022 there is a lot of noise about your privacy on messaging apps.It has never been a secret that Facebook has been harvesting data for itself as well as questionable third-parties for years. However, in 2021 the general message online was “Don’t trust Facebook. Don’t use Whatsapp. Use Signal”.

A lot of people still aren’t aware of what Signal is. Short answer. It is like Whatsapp, but not owned by a business that wants to track you and sell your data. Why? Because it is run by the guy who created Whatsapp, sold it to Facebook and then out of regret and remorse, created something very similar that sends private encrypted messages, without trying to track you or sell your data. Sound good? Probably. For the record Signal isn’t a business, it is a charity and runs on donations. I’ve donated. do I think Signal is the messaging app you should use? No. The best messaging app for privacy is Session..